Alma Mater / Fight Song

Dieruff High School, be our stay,
Bearing proudly Blue and Gray;
May we for thy spirit yearn,
Help us e’er to seek and learn.
Now hail our Alma Mater strong,
And may we proudly say,
To you we ever will belong,
We salute you, Blue and Gray.
Through our days we’ll ne’er forget
Standards you have firmly set;
Honoring you we’ll always try
To live aright, O Dieruff High.
Repeat Chorus
Words by: Marilyn Bankhard ’60
Nancy Olenwine ’61
Music by: Peter Carpenter
We’re gonna cheer, cheer, cheer for Dieruff High,
Our Alma Mater staunch and true;
Her stalwart sons are fearless lads
Who know just what to do.
We pledge allegiance to our Blue and Gray,
To win this game we’ll “Do or die”,
As we fight, fight, to victory,
As we cheer for Dieruff, Dier—Dier—Dieruff,
Fight for Dieruff High!