Student Handbook

General Information


Cafeteria- 484-765-5537
Dieruff High School has two cafeterias. The freshmen cafeteria is located on the second floor of the Michael P. Meilinger Wing, and the upperclassmen cafeteria is located north of the gymnasium. Each student has a school ID that contains their ID number, which is used daily in the cafeteria. Students must swipe their ID cards through the cafeteria scanners to purchase lunch. There are three lunch periods. Students may bring their own lunches or choose from the menu offered.
Child Nutrition Services- 484-765-4713
Child Nutrition Services understands that good nutrition is essential to a student’s health and development. Child Nutrition Services encourages our students to eat nutritious school meals in an effort to enable each student to concentrate and learn. 
Child Nutrition Service realizes that students may occasionally come to school without lunch and without the money to pay for their lunch. It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure his/her student’s account is paid-in-full. Child Nutrition Services and the school principal will address all delinquent accounts. 
School Meal Applications
For the 2014-2015 School-Year all families must submit the completed school meal application in order to receive a meal at no cost. No one will be turned down as long as a new school meal application is submitted. 
Child Nutrition Service will give parents a 30-day grace period from the start of the school year to return the 2014-2015 school meal application. Beginning October 1, 2014 any family who has not submitted a 2014-2015 school meal application will be required to pay for their meal.
School Meal Accounts
All students are given a computerized account that records meal served and shows the student account balances. Families may send in money for this account anytime. Please be sure to send money in a sealed envelop clearly marked with your student’s name, room number and the amount of money in the envelope. This will ensure the money is credited to the correct account.
Breakfast is served during the 30 minutes prior to the start of school at no cost to all students regardless of income. Lunch is served at no cost to all students who submit the school meal application. If a family chooses not to submit the school meal application the cost of lunch is: $1.90/daily
Menus and Nutritional Information
Child Nutrition Services monthly menus and menu nutritional analysis can be found on the Child Nutrition Service Website at
Computer and Network Technology- 484-765-5500
Computer technology provides students with unique opportunities for acquiring and sharing information, knowledge, and ideas that can positively impact the learning process. The school and District continue to implement technology to enhance instruction and encourage students to take full advantage of the facilities available to them. With access to computers, computer networks, and the Internet comes responsibility for proper conduct. Thus, all students must have a signedCode of Conduct form on file in order to use any school computer.
Guidance- 484-765-5503
The purpose of the Guidance Department is to help students with their social, emotional, educational, vocational, and personal development. Counselors may be seen daily, with an appointment. A student-counselor conference will be scheduled when requested.
Transcripts are available in the Guidance Office. An official transcript will be sent directly to any college or personnel office upon completion of a transcript release form.
Working Papers
All students under 18 must have working papers with a new certificate for every change of job. Working papers may be secured by the student in the Attendance Office at the AdministrationBuilding, 31 South Penn St., after 3:10 P.M. When applying for working papers for the first time, the student needs the promise of a job and ONE of the following: a birth certificate, a hospital record of birth, a baptismal record, a passport, or an alien registration.
In addition, a parent/guardian (it is not necessary for the student to be present) must visit the Attendance Office of the Administration Building, during working hours, 8:00 A.M. until 3:30 P.M., to sign the application. Students are urged to discuss their working intentions with their guidance counselors. Notices of part-time and summer jobs are posted here. 
Change of Address
Please inform the Guidance Office of any changes regarding address, telephone number, and/or guardian.
College Entrance Examinations
SAT (school ID 390038) and ACT applications may be obtained in the Guidance Office. Information may also be obtained by contacting the Director of Admissions at most post-secondary institutions. Students are free to use catalogues before and after school; and during study halls. Call blanks must be obtained before homeroom begins.
Financial Aid
All colleges in the country offer financial aid in the form of grants, scholarships, loans and/or work-study programs. Students should complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). These forms are also available in this office. Some colleges require additional financial aid forms be completed. Parents should check with the college financial aid department for more information.
Schedule Changes
Changes in courses will be considered if there has been a change in the educational plan of the student or upon the personal request of the parent or guardian. A course dropped after the stated date will be recorded on the student’s records as “Withdrawn-Failure” and will be used in computing cumulative average.
College Visits
Seniors desiring an excuse to visit a college shall submit a letter confirming the appointment. The letter must be presented to the school counselor one day in advance. Students are limited to three excused visits per year.
Health Room- 484-765-5646
There are two health rooms at DHS. One is located on the first floor of the Meilinger Wing and the other is located next to the guidance office. School nurses are available at all times to care for emergency cases. Students who need to see a nurse must secure a pass from their teachers in order to go to a Health Room. If a nurse is unavailable, students should report to the Main Office.
In addition, no student may leave the building during school hours without permission from the nurse or an administrator. Also, students who seek permission to be excused from Physical Education due to a medical concern must see their assigned school nurse. Permission will be granted only on the written request of the student’s physician.
Also, the nurse does not dispense medication without a written order from a physician. The nurse’s function is to carry out health programs mandated by the state and to treat emergency first aid and illness cases only. Students bringing prescription medication to school must immediately report to the health room, where the medication will be stored. 
Library- 484-765-5649
The library should serve as an effective and meaningful learning center where class, small group, and individual learning can be accomplished in an atmosphere that is conducive for learning. All resources of the library are available for student and teacher use.
Locks and Lockers- 484-765-5529
Each student receives a lock and an assigned locker during the first week of school. The school-issued lock is the only lock that is to be used on assigned locker; all others will be removed. Students who enroll after the first day of school must see the Commons Office secretary for lock and locker. Sharing of lockers is strictly prohibited! 
Students may report to their lockers before homeroom, during lunch, and at the end of the day. Students should report all broken lockers to the Commons Office. All locks will be collected when the student leaves the school or graduates. If the lock is not returned, a replacement fee of $6 will be charged to the student’s account; as well as a hold on the student’s school record until all delinquencies are paid in full. Additionally, the school doesn’t assume responsibility for personal belongings that are lost or stolen.
Lost and Found- 484-765-5500
Items that are lost and found will be placed in the Main Office, Commons Office, Courtyard Office, Cedar St. Office, and in Meilinger
Wing office. Lost articles may be redeemed upon proper identification.
Student Assistance Program (SAP)- 484-765-5503
Pennsylvania’s SAP is designed to help school personnel to identify issues, including drugs, alcohol, family concerns, etc., that post a barrier to students’ learning and overall success. SAP is not a treatment program. It is a process that uses effective and accountable professional techniques to mobilize school resources to remove the barriers to learning. Where the problem is beyond the scope of the school, the team will provide the parent and the student with information so they can access services within the community. The SAP Team members do not diagnose, treat, or refer for treatment, but they may refer for an assessment for treatment.
Each SAP team on the high school level consists of a building administrator, a counselor, a nurse, a school psychologist and two teachers. Teachers, counselors, administrators, parents/guardians and students make referrals to the SAP team. If you suspect your child has a problem, contact the guidance department at 484-765-5503 for a referral and information.
School Store- 484-765-5500
The school store is located in the lobby outside the Main Office. Dieruff apparel and various school supplies can be purchased here. The store is open after school and at other times when deemed appropriate. 
Transportation- 610-776-7433 (LANTA)
Buses to and from L. E. Dieruff High School will follow the regular LANTA schedules. Bus tickets are on sale in the Main Office before and after school.