Our History

Historical FactsDieruff High School, circa 1960

Erected: 1959
Renovations/Additions: 1964, 1975, 2010
Sq. Footage: 237, 504 + 60,800

For 47 years, Louis E. Dieruff (1889-1964) dedicated his life to the education of young students and to the advancement of his city’s growth. He made his Allentown teaching debut on April 1, 1916 and went on to serve a combined 21 years as a principal for elementary and junior high schools. Later, he was named the administrative assistant to the superintendent in charge of junior high schools and the administrative assistant to the superintendent in charge of secondary schools. Finally, he became the secretary-business manager for the District.

Construction of Louis E. Dieruff High School began in 1957 as a prospective junior high school to serve the growing population of east Allentown. In September 1959, Dieruff opened its doors to 10th, 11th and 12th graders. The Allentown School District Planetarium was added to the building in 1965, and additional classrooms and the east branch of the Allentown Public Library, which was later converted into classrooms, were added in 1970.

The school mascot is an Alaskan husky named “Kiska” in honor of the ten men and women captured by the Japanese on Kiska Island in 1942 during World War II, some of whom were Allentown servicemen. The fifth Husky Kiska was introduced to the staff and faculty in fall 2010. “Husky Pride” is a concept brought to life by former Principal Michael Meilinger – a 2010 addition was dedicated in his honor. It is more than just school spirit; it is a value system shared by all faculty, staff, students and alumni, and known throughout the Lehigh Valley and beyond. The school colors are blue and gray.