A Message from Principal Bocian


Hello Dieruff Husky fans!

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year at Louis E. Dieruff High School!  Our school year is exciting and filled with promise and potential!   Dieruff High School is where our students can shape their own destiny and plan their lives strategically.  Learning and education are key components to a happy, healthy life, and the opportunities await at Dieruff High School.  We have so much to offer our students; the learning and the experiences are here for the taking.  

Our 2018-2019 school theme is an important reminder to our Husky Family to remember three basic principles as we work towards achieving academic success!  In order to be successful, we at Dieruff want to instill positive and effective work habits into the minds, hearts, and actions of our students, so we are going to emphasize three expectations in particular.  Effective people (1) maintain attention to tasks, (2) persevere, and (3) work through projects to completion.  Successful learners adopt these three characteristics as well; so the Dieruff staff is always ready to help our students and families… 


Too often, we might lose our attention on our task-at-hand due to the many distractions our 21st century, fast-paced world offers.  Moreover, we may lose our inspiration to take the next step as we work through a project, and, regretfully, we might even leave ventures unfinished.  No more!  Let’s make a pact on this and commit to prioritizing the importance of focusing, following through, and finishing all positive and healthy goals!  Our students can do this, throughout the school year, with school work, with studying, and with class projects, always working to finish what they have begun.  There is immense satisfaction in completing a project or task through to the end; ask any marathon runner about that one!  

Yes, our students can start fulfilling their dreams and finding their life’s pathway right here at Husky High, as long as they Focus, Follow Through, and Finish all positive and healthy goals!  So, let’s go Husky Family members; time to get working!  Let’s make the 2018-2019 school year a launching pad into a healthy and successful future.  That can happen, right here at Dieruff High School!

I look forward to a rewarding school year filled with purposeful learning.  

Husky Pride Forever.
Your principal,
Mrs. Bocian

Susan Bocian, Principal of Dieruff High School

  • Principal of Dieruff 2010-present
  • Assistant Principal of Dieruff High School 2007-2010
  • Assistant Principal of William Allen High School 2005-2007
  • Administrative Intern at Dieruff High School 2004-2005
  • English Teacher/Department Chair at Dieruff High School 1997-2005
  • Master Scheduler at Dieruff High School 2004-2005
  • English Teacher at Harrison-Morton Middle School 1984-1997
  • Principal’s Certification April 2005
  • Masters of Education, Reading, Lehigh University, 1988
  • B. S., Secondary Education, Penn State University, 1983