Where can you find scholarships? 

1. Academic/Athletic scholarships - Academic scholarships are generally automatically granted to eligible students upon admission to the college. Sometimes students might have to separately apply for academic scholarships. From each college website, visit the financial aid page and click on "scholarships" to view them. 

College athletic coaches work with the financial aid offices to offer athletic scholarships to eligible students wishing to play a sport at a Division I or II school. Be sure to work with your high school coach throughout the recruitment process, complete "Prospective Student Athlete" forms on college websites, register on NCAA's eligibility center, and email coaches to notify them of your interest. 

2. Local Scholarships (see below) - Dieruff High School receives many scholarship offers from local organizations and donors. Once received, these scholarships will be listed on this page, will be posted on the daily bulletin, and will be placed in a binder in the College & Career Center. 

3. Outside Scholarships - Students can research and apply for scholarships on their own from a number of websites. Some of them are listed here: 
  • CollegeData: - Search for colleges & scholarships

  • FastWeb:  -- set up a personalized profile to match specific skills, abilities and interests and search the database of over 275,000 scholarships

  • FinAid:  – the largest and most popular site of its sort 

  • Sallie Mae: (also in Spanish) - scholarship search, paying for college, college costs

  •  – has database of 600,000 college scholarships

4. College Board Opportunity Scholarships - Students are entered into drawings to win monthly $500 and $40,000 scholarships by taking the following actions during certain windows in their junior and senior years: 

Class of 2024 dates:
Start Your Career List - Dates: 12/5/22-2/28/24
Build Your College List - Dates: 12/5/22 - 6/30/23
Start Your Scholarship List - Dates: 7/1/23 - 2/28/24
Strengthen Your College List - Dates: 7/1/23 - 10/31/23
Complete the FAFSA - Dates: 10/1/23 - 2/28/24
Apply to Colleges - Dates: 10/1/23 - 2/28/24

Class of 2025 dates:
Start Your Career List - Dates: 12/5/22-2/28/25
Build Your College List - Dates: 12/5/22 - 6/30/24
Start Your Scholarship List - Dates: 7/1/24 - 2/28/25
Strengthen Your College List - Dates: 7/1/24 - 10/31/24
Complete the FAFSA - Dates: 10/1/24 - 2/28/25
Apply to Colleges - Dates: 10/1/24 - 2/28/25

The more steps students take towards college, the more opportunities they have to earn a scholarship. Learn more about these opportunity scholarships at:

Local/Community Scholarship List:
As scholarships become available, they will be listed here throughout the year.       

2024 Profile in Courage Essay Contest - Due date: 1/12/24
Eligibility: U.S. high school students in grades 9-12 attending public, private, parochial, or home schools are eligible to participate in this essay contest with the topic: Describe an analyze an act of political courage by a U.S. elected official who served during or after 1917, the year of JFK's birth. 1st place: $10,000; 2nd place: $3,000; 5 finalists: $1,000 each; 10 semifinalists: $100 each; 8 honorable mentions. Visit the website: for more information and how to submit.

Allentown Rotary Club Scholarship - Due Date: 2/3/24
The ARC scholarship will be awarded to a college-bound senior who has demonstrated strong leadership skills, financial need, academic achievement, and community service. The monetary award is in the amount of $3,000 renewable for up to four years of college for up to $12,000. Please read the instructions carefully. Two recommendation letters are required to apply. One from your guidance counselor or teacher, and one from an employer, coach, community youth organization leader, etc. Applications are available in the College & Career Center and in Google Classroom.

Danny E. Khalouf Memorial Scholarship Application - Due: 2/9/24
Students interested in applying to the Danny E. Khalouf Memorial Scholarship please return the application to your guidance counselor no later than 2/9/2024.

Horatio Alger Scholarship for JUNIORS – Due Date: 3/15/24
Horatio Alger Scholarships are also intended for promising students in GRADE 11 who have critical financial need, demonstrate integrity and perseverance in overcoming adversity, and are determined to succeed. For more information and to apply, go to: http://https//

Eastern PA Trans Equity Project Scholarship - Due Date: 3/31/24
This is a scholarship opportunity for the transgender and gender-expansive students at your school. Eastern PA Trans Equity Project will be offering a minimum of six (6) $1,500 Scholarships to qualifying students who wish to attend an accredited college, university, community college or trade school.  Applicants should have a minimum GPA of 2.5, and be enrolled-in/declared-for an accredited learning institution. Applications can be made through their web site at: